We have it all at BODYROK!

At BODYROK, we offer a whole heap of classes aimed at sculpting your body, improving your fitness and preparing your body for the pressures of everyday activities.

All of our classes combine the principals of Pilates and Yoga. With a strong focus on strengthening and lengthening each muscle to build long lean muscles. 


Do you want to try a few different classes before you commit?

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Classes on offer:

  • PILATES (MAT) – A blend of strength and flexibility training to help improve posture, reduces stress and create long, lean muscles without bulking up. Our Mat Pilates class takes a balanced approach gaining a total body workout all while strengthening your core reducing risk of injury and preventing back pain!
  • REFORMER PILATES – Our Reformer classes build strength without”bulking up”, increases flexibility, fitness and agility, and develops optimal core control, creating flat abdominals, slender thighs, tones arms and a strong back. 
  • YOGA –  Our Yoga classes connects movement and breath while focusing on proper alignment, flexibility and strength.  You will explore a broad range of poses to cultivate greater awareness and build flexibility, strength and endurance. 
  • BARRE SCULPT  – Take Pilates, Yoga and Ballet and throw in some resistance bands, ballet barre and your own body weight and you have Barre Sculpt. Aimed at making you shake and burn for 45 minutes!
  • BOXILATES  (Boxing & Pilates) –  A combination of Boxing and Pilates to develop muscular endurance. You can expect intense boxing-inspired cardiovascular drills to burn fat and an ab workout like never before!
  • CORE SCULPT (Mat Class) – Join us on the mat to learn the fundamentals and correct technique in order to properly engage your Transverse abdominals and Obliques! This class will increase your Core foundation giving you the strength and ability to perform many exercises. We can’t promise those abs won’t be burning after this one!
  • ROK-50 (Mat Class) – This class is specifically designed to turn the body into a fat burning machine! With intense interval rounds of 50 seconds work and 10 seconds rest, we swear by this class for quick results. Use of dumbells, medicine bells and kettlebells to focus on a combination of both cardiovascular and strength conditioning exercises!

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