Whether you’re totally new to training or exercise regularly, we recommend checking out the tips below before your first BODYROK class.

TIP 1:


Our classes are small which allows you to get the most out of each workout and ensures your instructor can guide you through each session safely.
This means they do book out quickly so we recommend booking 30 days in advance at all times.
Download our APP on your smart phone, create a profile and pick out your first class.

Passes and Memberships

Whether you love or loathe commitment, we have heaps of pass options available for you. If its your first time to BODYROK, you may like the look of our Introductory offers.

Wait Listing

Favourite class already full? Not to worry.. jump on the waitlist and as soon as someone cancels their booking, you can take their spot.
Learn more about how our wait list works on our FAQ page.

TIP 2:


Light and comfortable clothing that won’t hold you back – leggings or shorts and a tank is perfect. No shoes required are required for our Pilates, Barre or Yoga classes. Runners are totally optional for our more fitness based classes.


Be sure to bring a bottle of water and a towel.
We have water available to purchase at the studio.

TIP 3:


Aim to arrive 5-10 minutes early so you have plenty of time to meet the instructor and ask any questions you may have before class starts.


We are really good with names and faces but sometimes we don’t know everyone…so don’t forget to let your instructor know your name so they can sign you in.


Spend a few minutes getting to know BODYROK – from our amenities to our other rooms and what classes we offer.


Time to work out! Whether you’re sweating it our or slowing it down, we always recommend putting in 100%. Your instructor is there to help, so just ask if you’re not sure about something. Most importantly do what you can, enjoy yourself and don’t forget to smile!

TIP 4:

Stretch & Roll

The foam roller is your friend! If you are in a rush and can’t stick around to stretch and roll it out, allow some time at home to do this. Stretching is just as important as the work out.


Be sure to fill up on a protein-based, nutrient-rich meal or snack after working out to feed your muscles and maximise the results of the effort you’ve put in.


Muscle soreness is totally normal for a few days after your class. It means you have worked hard! Listen to your body and rest if you need too.


We hate goodbyes!
Make sure you book your next BODYROK class when you leave – we suggest trying them all. You’ll see the best results when attending 3+ classes per week.