5 CLASSES FOR $49.00*
BODYROK is not a gym and not just a Pilates studio. It is a fusion of the best parts of Yoga, Pilates and functional fitness.
Expect to be challenged. Expect to sweat. Expect to see results.

We offer a diverse range of classes for all levels and all goals.


Experience BODYROK Pilates on the Mat or Reformer. All it takes is 45 minutes.
We use intelligently designed, spring-based resistance training for deep muscle strengthening and development in our Reformer classes. We sculpt long, lean bodies that are stable and strong to the core in both class types.


Yoga at BODYROK is a grounding yet uplifting practice facilitated to help you connect with the body and mind through mindful movement and breath. Offering classes to energise (Vinyasa) and classes to release and calm the mind (Yin). Our unique and inspiring teachers will help you deepen your practice every class.


BODYROK Barre is a blend of Pilates, Yoga and a hint of ballet inspired moves. The efficient use of bodyweight exercises, light hand weights and small props delivers a dynamic toning class that works fast. Isometric holds are broken up with full-body intervals that spike the heart rate and offer the most bang for your buck. Most importantly, barre feels graceful and fun. Sculpt and shape without bulking up in this signature style.


Our small-group fitness classes are a fun, not-too-serious way to work up a sweat.
With a range of circuit, boxing and strength-based classes, our trainers will challenge your limits whilst adjusting exercises to cater to individual needs.