At BODYROK we offer Yoga classes catering to each stage of your progression.  From beginner through to an advanced practitioner level.

In class you’ll receive the appropriate guidance, correction and adjustments to nurture and progress
your practice, and deepen your understanding of Yoga.

When necessary you’ll be shown how to use various yoga props correctly, to facilitate awareness and
safety in your practice by your BODYROK Trainer.

Whatever your current physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state, BODYROK classes will help
you feel more connected, more balanced, and more whole.

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Slower, gentler and intended to move your mind into a quiet, meditative state. This class invites you to create a space for stillness, whilst releasing tension in the body to allow the tendons and ligaments to stretch. Poses are held for a longer period of time, allowing gravity to lengthen the body whilst relaxing the mind. This will compliment your Vinyasa practise, assisting areas of the body to open and create depth in certain movements.

*For all levels of fitness including beginners



A dynamic flow, where all movements are designed to wake up the body and focus on the mind. This class is based around a sequence of smoothly transitioned poses syncronized with the breath. This particular type of practise will help to improve strength, flexibility and balance, whilst assisting with weight loss and reduce stress levels.

*For all levels of fitness